Welder, Heil Environmental

Company:?Heil Environmental - Environmental Solutions Group

Location:?Fort Payne, AL


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Position Summary:

This position is responsible for welding/assembling metal parts together in the manufacturing area.


Roles and Key Responsibilities:

  1. Receives and checks parts lists from department supervisors for parts to be welded/assembled daily.

  2. Manually operates welding equipment to assemble products on Container, Small Container, VIP, Baler, A-Pad Mounting, Small and Large Packer, M-1000, Special Products, dewatering units, and Final Cleaning Mate Lines.

  3. Examines parts and measures dimensions for conformance to blueprints specifications using tape measure.

  4. Chips or grinds out holes, bubbles, or cracks in parts preparatory to filling with weld.

  5. Cleans grease or corrosion from parts, using wire brush or grinder.

  6. Camps broken metal parts together with jig/vice and welds pieces using gas-welding process according to type and thickness of metal.

  7. Receives parts from Fabrication Department and welds into sub-assemblies. Welds sub-assemblies into final products.

  8. Visually inspects parts during welding process to ensure quality.

  9. Records and maintains inventory of parts used on lines daily.

  10. Completes inspection form on products and submits to Technical Service Department.

  11. Manually transports metal parts up to 40 lbs. to/from storage area daily.

  12. Performs minor maintenance duties on welding equipment. Includes changing tips, gas diffusers, gas lines, rollers, etc.

  13. Observes all safety regulations and reports any unsafe working conditions to supervisor.

  14. Performs other various duties as may be assigned.



Education:??Requires a High School diploma or GED.

Knowledge:?Requires ability to understand general arithmetic; ability to write in an understandable manner; understand verbal or written instructions; ability to read and understand instructions, lists and billing materials; use PC based applications, including Mainstar, Outlook, and Microsoft Office, knowledge normally acquired through high school or equivalent experience.

Mental:?Requires normal attention with periods of high concentration intermittently to operate machinery approximately 50% of time.

Physical:?Requires walking/standing approximately 70%, lifting up to 40 pounds approximately 15% of time; involves repetitive overhead work approximately 10% of time; involves repetitive stooping, forward bending and crouching approximately 5% of time.

Manual Dexterity:?Requires use of hands, arms and feet for repetitive lifting; use of hands and arms to operate all manufacturing equipment, meters, chains hoists, automatic drills and general hand tools and to record written information.

Audible Demands:?Requires ability to follow verbal instructions and to hear for safety purposes.

Visual:?Requires the ability to visually observe essential functions for satisfactory job performance and safety; color and depth perception required.

Environmental:?Involves exposure to plant environments with the presence of dust, fumes, noise, and fluctuating temperatures due to lack of climate control.

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